Facebook Sign In

If you don’t have a Facebook sign in you are not part of the largest social network.  A Facebook sign in is easy to set up and once completed you will enjoy connecting with your friends all over the world.  Here are the instructions for setting up an account:


STEP 1: Visit www.facebook.com and you will come to the sign in screen:

facebook sign up


STEP 2: Fill out the required information and be sure to fill out all of the necessary fields.  Click on the “Sign Up” button and you will be taken to the following page:

facebook sign up

STEP 3: Fill out your email address and Facebook will search for your friends that are on the Facebook network.  You can sync up with many of the popular email services.  This is the stating point of your social network.  If you wish to skip this step, simply click “Skip This Step” and you will be taken to the next page.

STEP 4: This page is where you fill out all of your personal information that will be used to create your social profile.  Again, you can skip this step and fill it out later from your setting section.  Once complete you are taken to the following page:

STEP 5: Here you will set your profile picture.  You can either select a file from your computer or take a picture.  Like the other steps, you can skip this step and return later.

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