Facebook Log in

Facebook log in is easy to do and once you are logged in you can enjoy the largest social network on the planet.  If you aren’t on Facebook you are probably missing out on tons of social interactions with your friends around the world.  The Facebook log in process is very easy.

STEP1: Visit the Facebook log in page at http://facebook.com

facebook log in

STEP 2: Type in your Facebook Login and Password in the upper right-hand corner.

STEP 3: You will be taken to your Facebook Home Page, where you can interact with your friends and network.  For more information on the Facebook home page, click here.

facebook log in

Facebook Log In

Once you have a login and password you can enjoy all of the features of Facebook and open up a new world of social interaction.  You can comment, like and share posts.  You can post new pictures, videos and links that you find interesting.  You will probably find a lot of people you haven’t seen in years and enjoy reconnecting with old friends!

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