Facebook Home Page

The Facebook home page is familiar to everyone.  If you are one of the millions of users, the Facebook home page is something you see every day multiple times.  The great thing about the main page is that it is customizable to each user.  You determine what you see on your home page and what social interactions you engage.

facebook home page

Your home page is your window into all of your social interactions.  You decide what you want to see when you launch Facebook. Your Facebook home page has 5 main components: Filters, News Feed, Requests, Suggestions and Highlights.

Facebook Home Page Components

News Feed

The News Feed is where you see all of your friends’ activties and posts. Wall posts, photo uploads, new photo albums, interesting links and video clips are all shown here.  This is also where you will interact with those friends with comments, likes and shares.

facebook home page


This is where you can filter out and select specific friends and activities you want to view on your page.


Ever get sick of being invited to play Farmville or Candy Crush?  This is where all of those requests are listed.  When you click to open a request you can Accept, Block or Ignore it.


These are Facebook-suggested friends, activities, groups, pages or events.  Facebook makes the determination whether to suggest based on your activity.


These are things like pictures or links that your friends have commented on.  It also enables you to join the activity.


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